Sliding Scale Rates

              70 minutes $150 - $170

          90 minutes $180 - $220

        120 minutes $250 - $290

Gratuity is appreciated but not necessary

      Payment Preferred
      modes of payment;

         Cash$$$, Apple Pay, Zelle

        Paypal, Venmo, and Square
    are accepted with a 3.8% surcharge. 

Returning clients:
please fulfill payment for your massage the day of your treatment.

Schedule your Massage therapy treatment 

How can I get the most out of my massage therapy appointment?

Schedule Strategically
There’s no absolute best time to get a massage, and “best” is relative for each and every person. While we can’t always schedule a massage with a cushion of time afterwards to relax and move slowly for a period of time, it’s definitely suggested to allow yourself ample to get to your next activity in the day.
My personal practice is to make it a priority to make time for a nap, or quiet, still, relaxation time after a massage. I’m a practitioner that works on bodies full time so I want the benefits of my own massages to last!

Food, Drink and Massage Therapy

The reason it’s suggested to not eat prior to a massage or energy healing session has more to do with comfort. Laying face down on a full stomach or bladder is not comfortable, and does not promote body and muscle relaxation. It’s also a bummer to have to get up in the middle of a massage session to get dressed and go to the bathroom. Post massage is a great time to increase water, herbal tea, and hydrating elixir intake, as well as enjoying a light meal. Post massage heavy meals, caffeine and alcohol consumption can lead to lethargy, inflammation and other unpleasant sensations.

Showering Beforehand...why

Showering prior to a massage appointment is a kind courtesy to the therapi
st. It’s also a practice that can be a ritual to slowing down and going in to your session with intent. When you’ve showered before a massage, you can skip showering afterwards and allow the restorative and healing oils to absorb into your skin for a few hours.

Returning clients; Choose you're form of payment prior to your session

Leave your treatment session with an unfettered and relaxed mind.  Decide how you’ll pay for your session BEFORE you arrive for your appointment.  Acquaint yourself with Alchemy Massage’s preferred forms of payment and avoid the headache and frustration of fumbling with technology after your massage when the mind and body are relaxed.  
Cash $$$, ApplePay, Zelle
Venmo and Paypal are accepted with a 3.8% service charge.

 Schedule your Massage therapy treatment